Hi Iam an artist/printmaker based in Gloucestershire. I live at the bottom of famous hill called coopers hill where people run down it chasing cheese! I like to wander the Gloucestershire countryside with my poochie Stan, inspired by the nature around me. Such as the weird and wonderful shapes of the trees, the mosses and mushrooms that grow in the damp and the wonderful wildlife that live in the woodland. My designs are either created in watercolours or acrylics but i also like to play around with found surfaces such as old maps, music books, pretty papers to make collaged paintings. What method i use depends on what i feel like using at the time. I go through periods of acrylic painting and then sometimes i like to go back to drawing and using watercolour. Whatever the method is, i begin every design in my sketch book which is usually inspired by something on one of my countryside walks. I gained a 1st class BA HONs in Illustration at the University of Gloucestershire in 2010 where I also specialized in fine art printmaking. Relief print such as linoprint is my favourite print form, so i also enjoy taking time out from painting to create linoprint editions. I also teach linoprinting and painting/drawing workshops at the Gloucestershire Arts and Craft Centre. I have used my printmaking skills to also learn to print all my products. Each one of my products is hand printed by me in my spare room using one of my various heat presses. All my ceramic products ( mugs) are hard wearing, dishwasher and microwave safe and fabric products ( cushions) are machine washable.
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