I first took an interest in pottery at school and if I’d not seen the inside of a Post Office Telephones roadside cabinet whilst in my 3rd year I may well have had a career of pottery, from that moment I knew that I wanted to be a telephone engineer and to get my hands on all of those wires! I applied for an apprenticeship and passed the entrance exam but was eventually told that at 15 I was too young and that I should come back next year. I stayed at school for that year and retook my CSE’s as GCE’s but spent almost all of every day making pottery, I also attended evening classes at the Gloucester College. I sat the A level in ceramics after one year and managed to scrape a pass. I reapplied for my apprenticeship and spent the next 40 years working for BT and its predecessors, seven years ago I retired as lead architect for BT’s repair systems. In search of a hobby I came across The Pothouse in Woodmancote where I could spend a morning each week with a friendly bunch making some pots whilst using their equipment, what’s more I could still throw a pot after 40 years! I enjoyed my time at The Pothouse but became frustrated with time it took to finish a piece of work given the various processes involved with a week’s break between each. Around 5 years ago I converted our summerhouse into my studio and equipped it with a wheel and kiln so that I have all the tools I need to make my own ceramics. Joining the Gloucestershire Arts and Craft Centre has given my hobby a purpose, it’s amazing to be able to produce work that people want to own and it helps to cover my costs too!
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